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HI im back

2010-07-08 07:53:46 by mizzomuffin

Back again :P Been gone along time, been doing some flash work, hope you like .

I got pretty drunk last night, do you have any drunken regrets?

2009-06-06 10:40:51 by mizzomuffin

Yea, I got pretty drunk last night, had to travel miles to get some green for my mate who insisted on getting it before we went to this party, so as we traveled all the way up this big fuck ass hill we entered into the zone of hairy transvestites and greasy bikers who'd throw a bottle of piss at you if you looked at em funny. Yeah i llive in the asshole of UK, tis not nice.

~Anyone here got so drunk they're butt felt sore the next mornin?~

About my art.

Everything you see here is mine, I do not steal because I can do my own shit lol I'd gladly love to trade my artwork for Flash knowledge, i've tried so long to do flash and have failed every. I'm obviously massivly obbsessed with Kingdom Hearts, Sora being my favourite character. My other alias is Mizz_FUJIN on gaiaonline, thats where I usually hang out like a soiled hobo.

I got pretty drunk last night, do you have any drunken regrets?

Hiya, this is my page. Awesome right? There are a few things you need to know about me:
1) I wanna make flash movies
2) Every picture you see here is mine.
3) My other accounts are usually names mizzomuffin or Mizz_FUJIN
4) I don't do commisions unless...
5) Nyon?

I'm looking for someone who could hlep me with flash, I'm so bad i've tried for 5 years and havnt gotten shit.

I'm looking for some help with Flash.